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Mini Surf Finger Board For Kids

Mini Surf Finger Board For Kids

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Introducing the Mini Surf Finger Board – the ultimate tool for honing your finger coordination and mastering surf-inspired tricks!

Perfect for skateboarders and surf enthusiasts alike, our mini finger board is crafted from durable, high-quality plastic for long-lasting performance. Complete with real grip straps and leash cords, it's designed to withstand even the most intense sessions without getting washed away.

Similar to mini fingerboard skateboards, our surf-inspired fingerboard opens up a world of possibilities for practicing tricks, riding waves out of a car window, or perfecting your skills by cruising in the wind created by high-speed fans.

Whether you're looking to enhance your finger coordination or simply enjoy the thrill of surfing wherever you go, the Mini Surf Finger Board is your ticket to endless fun and excitement.


Material: plastic
Color: see picture (random color)

Package Includes:
1Pc Mini Finger Surfboard (random color)

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