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Turbo Racing 1:76 RC Car series

Turbo Racing 1:76 RC Car series

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Experience the thrill of high-speed drifting with the Turbo Racing 1:76 RC Car series! Perfect for both kids and adults, these fully proportional remote control cars are designed for ultimate fun and excitement.

Equipped with gyro technology, these cars offer superior stability and control, allowing you to perform precise drifts and maneuvers with ease. Whether you're racing against friends or practicing your skills solo, the Turbo Racing RC Cars provide an exhilarating experience every time.

With a range of models including the C64, C73, C72, and C74, there's a Turbo Racing car to suit every preference. Each car features a durable construction and sleek design, ensuring both performance and style on the track.

Ready-to-run out of the box, these RC cars come complete with everything you need to start drifting right away. Simply grab the remote control, hit the throttle, and let the drifting action begin!

Upgrade your RC car game with the Turbo Racing 1:76 Drift RC Car series—where speed, style, and precision meet for endless hours of racing excitement.

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