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Temporary Face Lift Patch Set!

Temporary Face Lift Patch Set!

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 Introducing the Ultimate Temporary Face Lift Patch Set! 

Unveil a more radiant, youthful appearance with our revolutionary Temporary Face Lift Patch Set! Say goodbye to sagging skin and hello to instant rejuvenation with this innovative beauty solution.

 **Key Features:**
1. **Instant Face Lift:** Our facial patches are designed to lift and reshape your face, giving you a more defined and youthful appearance.
2. **Ultra-Thin & Invisible:** The transparent patches seamlessly blend into your skin, allowing you to wear them discreetly without affecting your makeup.
3. **Secure & Comfortable:** With firm adhesion and elastic ropes for extra support, these patches stay in place all day without slipping or falling off.
4. **Skin-Friendly:** Our patches offer a safe and gentle way to temporarily reshape your face without causing any harm to your skin.
5. **Multi-Use:** Suitable for cheeks, eye corners, forehead, and neck, giving you comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

 **Product Specifications:**
- **Name:** Temporary Face Lift Patch
- **Quantity:** 20 patches
- **Rope Sizes:** Black No. 1 (25.2cm), Black No. 2 (12.6cm), White (7.7cm)
- **Patch Size:** As shown
- **Function:** Lift, refine skin texture, and temporarily reshape facial contours
- **Features:** Ultra-thin, invisible, firmly pasted, and waterproof

 **Usage Instructions:**
1. **Prepare:** Pull hair away to expose the skin and gather two pieces of adhesive tape.
2. **Application:** Attach one end of Black No. 1 elastic rope (with knot) to the patch and Black No. 2 elastic rope (with hook) to the other patch.
3. **Adhesion:** Peel off the protective layer and firmly stick the patches onto the skin.
4. **Secure:** Connect the ropes at the back of your head and conceal them with hair for a seamless look.

 **Ideal for Any Occasion:** Whether you're getting ready at your dressing table or prepping in your dormitory, our Temporary Face Lift Patch Set is perfect for achieving instant beauty enhancement anytime, anywhere!

 **Product Includes:**
- 20 x Facial Patches
- 8 x Elastic Ropes
- 1 x Instruction Manual

Transform your look effortlessly and embrace a more confident you with our Temporary Face Lift Patch Set. Elevate your beauty routine and rediscover your youthful glow today!

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