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Plush Rabbit

Plush Rabbit

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**Plush Rabbit - Soft Companion for Play and Decor**

**Material:** Crafted from premium cotton, ensuring softness and durability.

**Care:** Maintain its original charm and longevity by avoiding the use of solvents or abrasives.

**Color:** Available in various delightful colors to suit any preference.

**Sizes:** Choose from two sizes: 30cm and 45cm, catering to different preferences and spaces.

**Description:** Meet your new cuddly companion! This plush rabbit comes in medium and large sizes, perfect for both decorating a room and providing hours of playful fun. Made from ultra-soft cotton, it promises to be gentle on the skin while adding a touch of whimsy to any space. Whether as a decorative accent or a cuddly toy, this plush rabbit is sure to bring joy and comfort to all ages.

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