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Men Trousers Harem Pants

Men Trousers Harem Pants

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 Welcome to Our Fashion World! Here Are Some Handy Tips for Your Shopping Adventure:

1. Embrace the Asian Fit: Our sizes are designed to fit Asian proportions, which tend to run 2-3 sizes smaller than EU/US sizes. So, if you usually wear an EU/US size L, consider selecting our size XXL or XXXL for the perfect fit.

2. Allow for a Little Wiggle Room: Just like in life, a little flexibility goes a long way! Hand measurements may result in a 1-3 cm difference (1cm=0.39inch), but fear not—our garments are still made with precision and care.

3. Colorful Choices Ahead: Remember, different screens can display colors differently, so don't be surprised if the shade varies slightly from what you see on your device. We promise it'll still look fabulous!

4. Speedy Delivery, Guaranteed: We strive to send out your order within 3 days of payment. If there's any delay, just reach out to our friendly customer service team for assistance.

5. Focus on the Essentials: While our products are amazing on their own, please note that any decorative accessories shown in our photos are not included with your purchase.

6. Size Matters, But So Does Confidence: If you're unsure about your size, don't hesitate to get in touch with our helpful customer service team. We're here to make sure you find the perfect fit for your fabulous self!

7. Find Your Perfect Fit: Unsure about which size to choose? No problem! Here's a handy guide to help you out:

  • M Size: Perfect for heights between 155cm-165cm and weights between 45KG-50KG
  • L Size: Ideal for heights between 165cm-170cm and weights between 50KG-55KG
  • XL Size: Designed for heights between 170cm-175cm and weights between 55KG-60KG
  • 2XL Size: Tailored for heights between 175cm-180cm and weights between 60KG-65KG
  • 3XL Size: Suited for heights between 180cm-185cm and weights between 65KG-75KG
  • 4XL Size: Perfect for heights between 180cm-185cm and weights between 75KG-85KG
  • 5XL Size: Ideal for heights between 180cm-190cm and weights between 85KG-90KG

Now that you're equipped with all the insider knowledge, happy shopping and have fun rocking your new looks with confidence and style! 🛍️✨

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