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22cm Hunting God Great Sword Elden Ring Game Peripheral Full Metal

22cm Hunting God Great Sword Elden Ring Game Peripheral Full Metal

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 Unleash the power of the gods with the Hunting God Great Sword – straight from the immersive world of Elden Ring! 

**Product Details:**
- **Name:** Hunting God Great Sword
- **Game:** Elden Ring
- **Material:** Metal Zinc Alloy
- **Process:** Electroplating
- **Length:** 22cm
- **Weight:** 39g

**Key Features:**
- **Divine Replica:** Channel the strength of the gods with this awe-inspiring replica sword, inspired by the mythical lore of Elden Ring.
- **Premium Craftsmanship:** Crafted from durable metal zinc alloy and finished with electroplating, this sword exudes authenticity and superior quality.
- **Blade Safety:** Compliant with Customs Knife Management Regulations, our swords boast non-sharp blades, ensuring safety for collectors of all ages.
- **Display Stand Sold Separately:** Enhance your collection with a separate display stand, allowing you to showcase this divine artifact in all its glory.
- **Wholesale Opportunities:** Interested in bulk orders? Contact us for exclusive wholesale discounts and expand your inventory with our premium products.

**Introduction of Hunting God Great Sword:**
"Once wielded by the godskin apostles,
This revered sword belonged to the Queen of Yosei, ultimately vanquished by Maricus.

The ominous black flames wielded by the apostles emanate from this very sword."

**Attention Collectors:** Dive deeper into the mystique of Elden Ring with the Hunting God Great Sword. Collectors and enthusiasts alike, seize this opportunity to add a piece of legend to your collection!

 **Experience the might of the gods – order your Hunting God Great Sword now and embark on a legendary journey of conquest and valor!** 

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